What we do

Growth Hacking

Unlike many consultants, we want to share with you our strategies and knowledge so that you have a greater understanding of how growth is achieved and how you can analyse and optimise your business’s success.

How growth hacking works

Growth hacking is an experimental and data driven way of approaching digital marketing strategies.

How it works

It is important for us to be transparent and innovative by continuously finding new ways of growing businesses. If growth hacking strategies are executed in the right channels and at the right time you can grow your business extremely fast.

Personal approach

What suits one company doesn’t suit another.

We take a personalised approach to growing your company with structured processes that are customised to your needs and goals.

We work with companies of all sizes, with diverse needs and goals for positive growth

Early stage & Startup Companies

We have helped dozens of startups during their infancy and know exactly how we can help you at the beginning of your business endeavor, from customer development and product/market fit to funnel and community building.

Small & Medium Enterprises

We understand the growth challenges that businesses of these sizes encounter, from slow sales to high marketing costs. Brize will help you create a three month strategy to reenergise and refocus your growth efforts.

Large & Corporate Institutions

For larger firms we focus on customer retention, community building and new innovation creation. We engage with key personnel, establishing growth teams, teaching innovative strategies of data-driven growth.

We have experience achieving success with both B2B and B2C companies and provide a number of personalised services for each.

Creative Marketing

There are so many different ways we can use marketing to reach customers, generate leads and optimise conversions. Through elaborate digital strategies we can precisely reach your target market, minimising cost and helping your business achieve its goals and objectives.

Testing & Experimentation

Experimentation proves to be one of the most important aspects of growth when making decisions. We will help you design suitable, relevant experiments within traction channels and conduct various tests to show us exactly what factors are aiding and restricting your business’s growth.

Success Measurement

We will help you with digital analysis and reporting and ensure that you are using the right measurement tools and measuring the right metrics. We will help you establish a single metric that matters to help your business prioritise its goals and make sure it achieves its objectives.

SEO Optimisation

Having trouble showing up at the top of pages in search engines? We will help you rank higher in Google and other search engines.

Personalised Growth Book

We will help you create your very own growth book by reviewing your current situation and outlining exactly what will be done for your business to make a sustainable growth plan. We then implement growth hacks that you can start using right away.

What happens once my business signs up?

Business work
Initial conversation
We will contact you about your inquiry and work to gather more information about what Brize can do for your business.
Discover insights
We will book a meeting to discuss your current situation and review areas that need help with further improvement and growth.
Create a plan
We will create a 3 month plan in your personalised Growth Book detailing growth strategies that we believe will help your business.
Test and learn
We will start conducting several experiments along with analysis reports in order to focus and optimise our strategies.
Business Work
Keep you up to date
We will hold a call every week and a meeting every two weeks to discuss updates and gather feedback and additional suggestions.
Analyse and iterate
At the end of each month we create a detailed report outlining the results of our strategies and ideate around further action to take.

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