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Measurement = knowledge. Online, everything can be measured, so in theory, you could know everything. But, how do you get that done? Our specialists take care of the tracking implementation for your website, app or application. We collect all valuable data, which we can also immediately analyze for you. We are your full service online marketing agency that tells you what you want to know.

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Collect valuable data

Make the behavior of visitors or users measurable. Gain insight into needs and preferences so that you can manage them and improve the user experience. We measure everything you want to know, from movements across the website and through the app to clicks on specific elements and how long someone scrolls the page. We collect all this data, combine it and process it into valuable insights that you can use to make decisions.

What are tracking systems?

Our experts provide tracking implementation for all kinds of tracking systems. So are you looking for tracking specialists who will collect for you the data you want to know?

We do this for example with:

  • Marketing pixels
    A pixel on Facebook, TikTok or any other platform accurately tracks how visitors and users behave online. We provide insight into what needs they have, so you can respond better.
  • A/B testing
    We design two variants, with a specific difference to measure what works better. Once we have collected sufficient data, we make reliable and valid statements about the variant that turns out to be optimal.
  • User feedback
    Many users know very well what they find important and can share feedback based on that. We collect that, to make suggestions on how a website or app can be improved.
  • Tag management system
    With a tag management system like Google’s, we provide insight into online behavior. Collect valuable data that you can use to further optimize the website or webshop.
  • CDPs and DMPs
    Customer Data Platforms and Data Management Platforms collect data, process it and combine it into clear insights that you can immediately use to make better decisions.

What Brize can do for you

We help you measure what you want to know. To do that, we discuss data measurement options, which we can then implement for you right away. So are you looking for a specialist in tracking implementation or with more information about the tracking systems available? That’s what we are strong at as an agency for online marketing.

Our technical web analysts provide insight into how visitors behave on the website and what users do in the app. With Google Tag Manager and Tealium, for example. Moreover, we can make in-depth funnel analyses, as well as monitoring videos and other interactive elements on the website.

So are you considering basic tracking systems or looking for advanced implementation by specialists? From pixels to the other tracking capabilities, we make sure you can measure what you want to know.

Success with online tracking

Our teams of technical specialists provide insight into what you want to know, so you can make better decisions based on it. We discuss with you the possibilities of measuring everything online. Then we implement the necessary tracking systems, collect the data and process it into the insights that help you make better decisions. We monitor and adjust where needed, for optimal deployment by a full service marketing agency that knows both the best practices and has the specific expertise in-house.

Find out how Brize can help your team with tracking and implementation

We create a tracking campaign specifically tailored to what your business needs.

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