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YouTube has more than 2.3 billion monthly users. Together, they watch more than 5 billion videos daily. The average viewing length is 11.24 minutes, so in that you have excellent opportunities to highlight your brand, service or product with a short video ad. We'll explain how to grab attention, what YouTube ads we develop for you, and how to build a campaign that achieves your advertising goals for any budget.

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What is YouTube advertising?

YouTube is part of Google, so it offers all kinds of opportunities for targeting and very targeted advertising. We steer for you on the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) and, for example, the C/Sale (Cost per Sale). So do you want to advertise efficiently on mobile and/or desktop devices? If your target audience watches videos, the chances of reaching them on YouTube are almost 100%.

Advertising on YouTube can be done in three different ways. In all cases, you use short video messages to attract attention, get noticed and drive action. We explain what options you have and how to use them to promote your brand, service or product.

1. InStream Ads
Almost all of our customers use at least YouTube InStream Ads. It is the most popular form of advertising, with Ads that users can skip (skipable) after 5 seconds. Within those first 5 seconds, we grab your attention and you get the chance to get your message across.

You pay on the basis of Cost per View (CPV). Only if users finish your video (or stay for at least 30 seconds) will you charge for the ad. So don’t manage to get their attention? Then at least you don’t pay either.

2. Discovery Ads
Discovery Ads on YouTube shows the platform in search results, during video playback and on the homepage. It is another type of ad, helping you stand out during users’ search phase.

You pay on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. We target the ad based on the search terms that are important to you. This provides additional opportunities to advertise very (purchase) targeted, to a specific audience.

3. Bumper Ads
Relatively new are the Bumper Ads on YouTube. They are similar to an InStream campaign. On the other hand, they last a maximum of 6 seconds and users cannot click them away (non-skippable). Advertising on YouTube with these ads is especially suitable for increasing your brand awareness.

You pay for this type of ads based on 1,000 impressions. We target the right audience by taking into account videos they watch. Of course, we can combine data from other ad channels, for the most targeted campaign possible.

What Brize can do for you

Our YouTube advertising specialists know the advertising options and know from experience what will get you the highest return. We combine best practices with specific expertise. So are you looking for a creative agency to develop a YouTube advertising campaign for you? We guide you through the creative process, set up the campaign for you and optimize it where possible.

Outsource your YouTube ads to experienced specialists. We know how to attract attention for you, how to get users to check out ads and how to get them to click through to your website or webshop.

Success with advertising on YouTube

YouTube ads need to grab attention right away. You don’t get a second chance, with an audience that streams short videos and processes thousands of stimuli every day. That’s why we create content for our clients based on the following guidelines:

Video ads of 20 to 30 seconds
Your brand, product, service and/or USPs on screen within 5 seconds
Multiple CTAs, not just at the end


Find out how Brize can help your team with YouTube advertising

We create a YouTube campaign specifically tailored to what your business needs.

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