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Let our SEO agency train your own employees during an SEO workshop. It is the best way to improve your marketing and communication, thanks to training provided by experienced SEO specialists and experts. They will guide your employees step by step on how to work with SEO, helping you improve your ranking and ultimately reach the top of Google. Discover how you can make progress in the search results on your own from now on.

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What do you learn during an SEO workshop?

During the SEO workshop, employees will learn about the history of search engines, the basic principles of the algorithm, and how to optimize your website, online store, or application for it.

We focus on Google and also discuss other search engines like Bing. During the SEO workshop, we explain clearly what search engines look for and how to align your content and technical aspects with their preferences. Additionally, we share best practices and results that we, as an SEO agency, have achieved for our clients.

The goal of the SEO training and workshop is to familiarize your employees with SEO concepts and provide them with practical guidelines to implement. We cover the following SEO topics:

• Domain name optimization

• On-page optimization

• Website factors

• Local visibility

• Backlinks and link building

• UX and user-friendliness

What Brize can do for you

Brize has experienced SEO specialists who have achieved top positions in Google for our clients, and we are happy to share how we did it. So, if you’re curious about the secrets of our SEO agency and how we score high in search engines as a marketing agency, we’re here to help.

We will explain how your employees can analyze the website, identify SEO opportunities, and optimize content for search engines. We share our mindset and important insights at both tactical and strategic levels.

During the SEO session, we will explain our methods and approach. There will also be ample opportunity for questions. Together, we will build an in-house SEO agency that can take action. We are available for guidance and support, but during the workshop and training, we aim to transfer as much knowledge as possible.

Transform your employees into true SEO specialists by teaching them what is possible and what to focus on. Our experts and specialists will share all the important insights during the SEO workshop. Gain the knowledge and expertise of an SEO agency and empower your own employees to take it from there in-house.

Develop knowledge with our SEO workshop

Develop the knowledge of your employees about rankings, visibility, and SEO in general. Our workshop covers it all. Book the training and let our SEO specialists transfer their specific knowledge. We assist with setting goals, determining the right approach, and the actual execution and implementation to improve rankings. By the end of the workshop, you will have a concrete action plan in place.


Discover how Brize can help your team with an SEO workshop.

We provide a customized SEO workshop specifically tailored to meet the needs of your company.

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