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Google play store advertisement

Use Google Play Store ads to get more people to download your app. We are your full service marketing agency and agency for Ads in Google's Play Store. Reach users who are interested in your app. Promote the app with ads in Google Search, YouTube, Google Play and more popular channels.

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Advertise for more downloads

Our specialists create a campaign that allows you to promote your app all at once in the Google Play Store and through all Google’s other channels. Bring your app to the attention of anyone interested in an app like yours. Increase the number of downloads for fast growth. Or highlight your app when the organic stretch seems a bit off.

What are Google Play Store ads?

Google Play Store ads appear in search results as soon as someone searches for an app like yours. This guarantees user interest, thus an extra high chance of conversion.

With the ads, you stimulate more downloads and installations or drive in-app actions. You determine the goal, which we then work on for you. The same Ads we design for you as a marketing agency can also be used for Google Search, YouTube and other channels.

So are you looking for a way to get more people to download your app with ads? Or do you want to encourage in-app actions, like ordering a product or completing the next level? It’s possible with Play Store ads for Google.

Thanks to machine learning the ad rotates and our specialists have the chance to make extra competitive bids. This guarantees the display of your Ad to the people most interested in your app. With sufficient data from conversions, the opportunity also arises to further optimize both the ads, bids and budget.

What Brize can do for you

Brize is your full-service online marketing agency and agency to help you with Google Play Store advertising. Our specialists and experts know the best practices, know from experience what works and have the expertise to guide you through this.

We create the Ads for the Google Play Store, develop them creatively for you and take care of implementation. We then set everything up for you, analyse the data and report on progress. Where possible, we optimise the campaign so that you advertise as effectively and efficiently as possible with the available budget.

Moreover, we like to combine the ads in the Google Play Store with the other possibilities within Google’s search network. And are you thinking about Display campaigns, video campaigns or Shopping campaigns? We bring your app and everything you want to promote to exactly the right target group.

Success with Google Play Store ads

Google Play Store Ads boost the number of downloads of the app you want to promote. We will work on your behalf and create an efficient campaign from which you alone can reap the benefits. Our specialists and experts are the agency that will help you achieve the online results you dream of.

This way, you benefit from a number of important advantages of Ads in the Google Play Store:

  • More app downloads and installations by users
  • Stimulate in-app actions such as purchases or next levels
  • Optimise based on clicks and conversion rate
  • Efficient advertising within the available budget
  • Advertise on the Play Store, Google Search, on YouTube and more



Find out how Brize can help your team with Google Play Store ads.

We create a Google Play Store campaign specifically tailored to what your business needs.

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