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Chatbots relieve support staff in e-commerce, B2B and B2C companies. Think about how much time you can gain if you can have up to 80% of your customers questions answered by a bot that has unlimited availability. At Brize, we help your company save valuable support hours, so employees can focus on the really complicated things.

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Relieve support staff

So are you thinking of a chatbot integration for the website, app or somewhere else where even answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) don’t seem to help? We integrate chatbots from Watermelon, Zendesk, Hubspot and Intercom and know how to do that successfully. Our data-driven approach with personal attention guarantees a bot that answers most of the repetitive questions in a great way. Often without anyone noticing that a bot is talking to them!

What is a chatbot integration?

The chatbot integration that we realize for you as a full service marketing agency is like an extra support employee. And not just any employee, but one who is available 24/7  and knows the answer to all the most frequently asked questions.

We are your marketing agency that helps you select the chatbot,  implement it for you and monitor how many hours of support you save. We develop the bot, implement it neatly to measure and continuously improve the experience your customers have with it. Until they no longer realize that they are actually talking to a chatbot.
Smart chatbots such as those from Watermelon, Zendesk, Hubspot and Intercom are fully data-driven and develop themselves. They produce analytical data, with which they improve their answers and serve your customers better and better. We manage the integration and closely monitor the results.

What Brize can do for you

At Brize we believe that e-commerce, B2B and B2C have a lot to gain from a chatbot integration. Or rather, a lot of support hours are lost if you don’t use it.

That is why we are happy to get to work for you: from the first acquaintance up to and including implementation and optimization:

• Your target audience, products and services
Our specialists in chatbot integrations form a good picture of your company, the target group and the products and/or services you offer. That is direct data input for the chatbot, which therefore knows what it is all about.
• Implementation of the chatbot
We implement the chatbot, for which we use Watermelon, Zendesk, Hubspot and Intercom. We use best practices, our specific experience and in-depth expertise for seamless integration into the website or app.
• Optimization for better customer experiences
We then optimize the chatbot integration to further improve the customer experience. We are only satisfied when the most frequently asked questions no longer realize that they are talking to a bot.

Forget chatbots that barely know what they are talking about and get stuck quickly. As a full service agency, we provide chatbot integrations 2.0. That means they are smarter, talk to customers more naturally and come up with solutions that actually add value. These bots know your products and services, their added value and know what to do if a customer experiences difficulties with them.

Success with a chatbot integration

The chatbot integration by our experts and specialists saves your support staff valuable time. Avoid working hours on frequently asked questions, which a bot can answer just fine. And make time for what really matters, to be able to talk to customers with more time and attention.

  • Extensive experience and expertise with chatbots
  • Specialist in Watermelon, Zendesk, Hubspot and Intercom
  • Data-driven approach for optimization
  • Save precious support hours
  • Increase customer satisfaction






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