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Dashboard & Data visualisation

A good dashboard visualizes all the important data, in a way that helps you make better decisions. That's why we don't just create a dashboard with all the data available. Instead, we visualize what is business critical and essential. In a way that shows at a glance what's important. That's the experience of a full service marketing agency that understands how data visualization adds value.

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Best overview to make decisions

We can handle tools such as Google Data Studio, Tableau, Klipfolio and Supermetrics. We display the data in bar charts, pie charts, scorecards, tables and area graphs, for example. We avoid information overkill by visualizing data based on the important KPIs we establish with our clients. So do you want to know how many leads convert? Or are you curious about the development of engagement with your target audience? We provide the data visualization and dashboard that helps you make better decisions.

What is data visualization?

Data visualization makes it easier to understand information and make better decisions based on it. We make visual what the data tells you, so you can see at a glance what’s important.

We visualize in real-time the data you collect on the website, in an app or tool or with your organization. On the dashboard, you see at once what is important. Thanks to visualization, you make better decisions, without having to wait for weekly, monthly or quarterly reports.

Our specialists and experts with experience visualize data based on the KPIs that we determine in consultation. In this way, we determine what insights you are looking for, and then consult the right data streams for them. The visual representation on the data dashboard shows crystal-clear what the development is, whether you are achieving the objective and where there may be shortcomings.

What Brize can do for you

Brize is your full service agency for data visualization. In consultation, we determine the important KPIs, determine which data sources are needed for that, and set up both the tracking and implementation for the dashboard for you. In this way, we ensure that the data becomes visually insightful, in a way that managers and directors understand at once.

We know the best practices and know from experience what it takes to make better decisions. Our dashboards contain a logical combination of visualizations.

For example, we create:

  • Snapshots
    A scorecard or pie chart shows from a specific moment what the values were at that moment. We can add multiple dimensions if necessary, to enable comparisons.
  • Time-based visuals
    Discover a trend thanks to time related visuals, for example with a line graph, area graph or time series. If necessary, we take into account weekdays, weekend days or other different periods.
  • Tables with ratios
    In tables we summarize one or more dimensions with multiple metrics. You get insight into the effectiveness of strategies, the difference between mobile and desktop and other comparisons you want to make.

Success with data visualization

We are your online agency for data dashboards and data visualization. Our specialists and experts know the KPIs we use for other clients and are happy to advise you on best practices. Of course, we always create a customized dashboard, built from the data visualizations that are important to your business. You thus benefit from the following advantages:

  • Clear data dashboard based on KPIs
  • A clear picture of the data at a glance
  • Take better decisions thanks to visualizations
  • Personal approach by experienced experts
  • Data-driven working method


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We create the data visualization specific to what your business needs.

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