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Increase sales from your website, webshop or application with back-end development by experienced specialists. We are your online agency that codes and optimizes for the best user experience. Minimize loading time, guarantee a fine UI and perfectly align the back-end with the front-end design. We work for e-commerce, B2B and B2C, for any industry and any type of organization.

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What is back-end development?

We are your online agency for back-end development, meaning the development of code on the server-side. It forms the basis for websites, web shops and applications. We work under the hood and behind the scenes, on databases, servers and specific applications that we make work together with front-end development.

So are you looking for technical specialists for migrations, APIs or other integrations to make technologies work together? That’s what we’re strong at. Our back-end developers code cleanly and accurately down to the last detail, making sure it all makes sense technically. The result is a website or webshop that works exactly as you expect.

As an online agency, we ensure that the back-end development that we develop is well linked to the front-end. You simply experience that ‘it works’, without noticing the work that goes into getting it all done and monitoring that there are no failures.

What Brize can do for you

At Brize, we work with a team of experienced back-end developers. For example, we are strong in PHP and various frameworks such as Yii. We have knowledge of various programming languages that are common for websites, web shops and applications.

Want something developed? For us, servers, databases, middleware and APIs have no secrets. This is what we work with every day, to technically make sure it all works for you as you would expect.

So do you want a new website, webshop or application built? Does it involve a migration, a link or some other technical challenge? As an online agency and web agency, we will gladly take care of it for you. The result is a technical environment that forms the foundation for the front-end design that users see and work with.

Success with back-end development

Choose our online agency for back-end development and benefit from some fine advantages. We know what it takes to make sure everything works without a hitch down to the last detail.

  • Strong in HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more for websites
    Want to have a website or webshop created or optimized? Our back-end developers write clean code in HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Specialists in languages such as PHP
    We create links and make-work applications in languages such as PHP.
  • Experienced database experts (MySQL, SQL and MongoDB)
    We create, link and control databases so that you can make everything work together online. With our efforts, all the data you want to use is always available.
  • Specialized in (RESTful) APIs
    We connect APIs, develop links and ensure that the various systems all work together. The result is an optimal flow with as little fuss as possible.
  • Security and authentication as a starting point
    Everything we develop, optimize and control is done on the basis of maximum security and standard strong authentication. In this way, security is always at the forefront.


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Thank you for your interest in working with Brize

We have received your inquiry and will be reaching out shortly with more information.