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Marketing Automation Funnels

Send your customers the right message at the right time through the right channel. Use marketing automation funnels that speak to large groups of customers personally all the time. At Brize, we automate your marketing communications, such as through the website, social media, email, SMS and other messaging services.

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Automate your marketing communication

Tell customers exactly what they need at that moment, based on the stage they are in. Get specific when it matters, but not before you sufficiently warm up potential customers with the information they are looking for. At Brize, we use the Google model for a marketing automation funnel. That means that in four phases, we communicate exactly the information your customer thinks is important at that moment.

What is a marketing automation funnel?

A marketing automation funnel automates the information you send to potential customers, depending on the stage they are in. So do you want to inform customers, help them with their consideration, convince them to buy or offer (after) care after the purchase? With the right funnel you seduce interested parties into prospects and turn them into leads who order  and are ultimately satisfied as an ambassador.

The Google model for the marketing automation funnel describes four phases:

• See phase
Interested parties would like to know more about the products and services available for a problem they are experiencing. Your brand does not play a role yet.
• Think phase
Prospects know what solution they are looking for. That is why you present them your brand, product or service as a potential solution within their consideration.
• Do phase
Leads convince you of your product, service or brand and encourage you to take action. You seduce with Unique Buying Reasons to take action with you.
• Care phase
During and after the purchase you offer all the information, guidance and support that makes the customer a true ambassador.

Experience with all marketing automation funnel software

At Brize, our experts and specialists have experience with all types of software for a marketing automation funnel. So do you work with specific software and are you looking for a full service marketing agency that can work with it? We are experienced in, for example:

• Active campaign
• Act-On
• Autopilot
• Copernica
• Eloqua
• Green rope
• Hatch Buck
• Infusionsoft
• Marketo
• Moz
• Salesforce Pardot
• Sales Fusion
• Sales Manager
• Sharpspring

What Brize can do for you

Brize is your agency for full service support when it comes to marketing automation funnels. We discuss the objectives with you, determine the KPIs and start working on the four phases. We make suggestions for content, choose the appropriate channels and implement the approach.

We then analyze the results by measuring how many interested parties move on to prospects and ultimately leads and customers. We measure the conversion to make adjustments where necessary. We optimize and monitor, in order to indicate to you what success can be achieved with the marketing automation funnel that we have set up.

With our data-driven approach based on personal contact, we use advanced tools and possibilities. At the same time, we know your objectives and explain in clear language what we can achieve. Our goal is to convert interested parties into ambassadors for your brand, product or service.

Success with marketing automation funnels

Our experts and specialists in marketing automation funnels always have your conversion in mind. In this way we create a funnel that does exactly what you expect it to do.

• Data-driven approach for marketing automation funnels
• Personal attention to objectives and KPIs
• Google funnel model: See, Think, Do and Care
• From interested parties to ambassadors for your brand
• More conversion thanks to automated funnels



Find out how Brize can help your team with marketing automation funnels.

We create a marketing automation funnel that is specifically tailored to what your business needs.

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