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With Google Ads, your brand, product or service is at the top of the search results. We analyze your market and the possibilities, create a campaign based on best practices and keep an eye on data to optimize where possible. We're the advertising marketing agency in Google you're looking for if you want to get the best results. Thanks to our personal commitment, you work together with specialists who understand how you want to use Ads in Google.

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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the advertising platform of the search engine giant. You have roughly three options for advertising:

• Search ads
You advertise in the Google search engine, via Search and in the Google Shopping results for products. Google is the supreme market leader when it comes to searches, so you can easily reach the target group that is important to you.
• Display ads
Google’s extensive Display network offers the opportunity to advertise on news sites and other major platforms. We combine the various advertisements within a campaign or specifically target them for you.
• Video ads
YouTube is part of Google, so it offers all kinds of opportunities for video advertising. We make you visible and findable where your target group is located, both in regular search results and within video content.

Google Ads offers many options for segmenting, filtering and targeting. As a Google Ads agency, we reach exactly the users you have in mind. So do you want to increase your brand awareness, focus on specific interaction or reach the part of the target group that is willing to buy? Let us create the campaign that specifically advertises to users who are looking for what you offer.

Note: Google Ads used to be Google AdWords. The term Google AdWords is no longer used. Of course, Ads offers the same possibilities as Google’s AdWords did before. In fact, the search engine continuously offers innovative new opportunities to advertise even more effectively, about which we would like to tell you more.

What Brize can do for you

Our consultants and specialists for Google Ads know the best practices, know from experience what works for customers and have the expertise to help you specifically. We know the advertising options and the options for targeting and segmenting.

Are you looking for a Google advertising agency that will help you grow your business? With our commitment you ensure online marketing, remarketing and, for example, more brand loyalty. We know what is possible and we naturally take your SEO and other online advertising efforts into account. The various campaign components together form more than the sum of their parts, so that Google Ads is also optimally effective.

We create Google Ads campaigns for e-commerce, B2B and B2C. Together we determine the starting points and the goal that you have in mind. Based on this, we get to work, from creative creation to implementation and eventual reporting. We ensure that you are successful with ads in Google, both directly in the search results and through the other available channels.

Succes with Google Ads

Our specialists in Google Ads make you successful with advertisements in the largest search engine in the world. We use the available options to bring your brand, product or service to the attention of the target group. You benefit from a number of important advantages:
• Measurably more reach and revenue
• Personal and data-driven: we’re on top
• Current knowledge about current innovations at Google
• Google Premium Partner: so optimal support
• Clear reports and data that you can control
• Integration with all Google services, such as Analytics and Search Console



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