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Looking for an experienced UX design agency? We have years of experience with UX design and can help your organization with creating better customer experiences. Contact us for more information.

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What is UX research?

UX research combines all efforts to optimize the user experience. Whether it’s a website, webshop, or any other type of digital interface, the goal is to offer users a clear, understandable, and descriptive experience. B2B, B2C, and e-commerce can all benefit from research into the ideal UX, tailored to what users expect and value.

The actual research for a UX designer involves analyzing the current (communication) environment, creating hypotheses on how to improve it, and conducting tests to validate those hypotheses. During UX research, we investigate the current user experience and explore possible improvements, validating with statistical reliability how it can be improved.

What Brize can do for you

At Brize, we optimize the user experience for a wide range of clients. As a UX agency, we have experience with B2B, B2C, and e-commerce, and we understand the expectations of both business and individual users across various industries.

Our UX designers and specialists analyze the current situation and measure the user experience with real users to establish a baseline for optimization. With UX research, we identify any bottlenecks and determine areas for improvement.

For those areas, moments, and situations, we develop hypotheses. We combine best practices with specific industry experience to propose data-driven, scientifically tested solutions.

Once research into the user experience reveals opportunities for improvement, we provide concrete suggestions. Our UX designers enhance the (online) user experience, enabling your organization to reap the benefits. We increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, or make it easier for employees to find the information they need.

Succeed with UX research

As a UX research agency, we know how the smallest details can impact the user experience.

That’s why we take into account:

• Every word counts
By eliminating unnecessary words, users receive the best experience. With no distractions, each word has impact, so we aim to deliver messages as efficiently as possible.
• One question per situation
Avoid user confusion by only asking one question per situation. Clear communication leads to higher conversion rates.
• Neutral questions
We conduct a rigorous evaluation of all our questions to guarantee impartiality and prevent any potential influence on user responses.
• User interpretation
Our behavior specialists consider user interpretation, ensuring everyone sees or reads the same thing.
• Strategic goals
As a UX research agency and marketing firm, we always consider your organization’s strategic goals in our research.

With our data-driven approach to UX research, we make a difference for you as an online agency. We improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, or make it easier for employees to serve customers. By prioritizing user experience, we help your organization enhance its processes.



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