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Youtube organic search optimisation

Whether your company is active in e-commerce, B2B or B2C services, you can appeal to a new audience via YouTube. Contact our YouTube Organic Search specialists to discover the potential YouTube can offer your organisation.

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Youtube is the second largest search engine on the globe

When we talk about search engines and search engine optimisation (SEO), we usually think of Google or Bing. However, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. According to recent data, visitors of the platform consume no less than 4 billion hours of video per month. Have you already tapped into the possibilities that the platform has to offer, in order to appeal to your target audience?

What should you pay attention to when it comes to YouTube Video SEO?

If you want to use YouTube video, you can increase your potential reach with millions of visitors per day. That is, only if your YouTube videos are found. That’s why it’s important to optimise your YouTube videos for search.

A few aspects you should pay attention to when it comes to YouTube SEO are:

* Use the correct keywords
* Write a catching title
* Write a clear video description
* Use the correct tags
* Create attractive thumbnails
* Promote your videos
* Encourage the visitor to engage

Better results through YouTube SEO
With a single effort, you can reach a bigger portion of your target audience when you optimise your videos for both visitors and the YouTube search engine. Certainly, when your videos offer value to the viewer, you increase your brand awareness considerably. Do you want to know what your organisation can achieve when optimising videos for YouTube?
Our SEO specialists are happy to help you with smart data-driven video SEO solutions to get to the top of the search results of the world’s most popular video platform.

YouTube organic SEO for every organisation
YouTube videos can give your business a giant boost. It doesn’t matter whether you are active in e-commerce or B2B or B2C services. At Brize, we are convinced that we can help you increase your brand awareness by optimising your videos. In a collaborative effort, we acquire a thorough understanding of your market, target audience, and gain other niche-specific information.
Together, we determine your goal, whether it concerns brand awareness or increasing conversion. From there on, we perform thorough keyword research, so that we can optimise your videos for the right search terms.

Video outsourcing SEO to an agency

Perhaps you’ve already worked with an agency for video SEO before, or your marketing staff has taken the task on themselves. But have these efforts paid off to the degree you expected?
Brize’s video SEO specialists have a curious, growth-oriented and creative mindset. As a result, they think further than you are used to from SEO agencies. Brize is happy to help you improve your position on YouTube and your market.

Our process starts with curiosity. Before we start implementing any kind of solution, we want to know everything about your company, your products and the search behaviour of your target audience. We use this information as a basis to conduct our keyword research and optimise the videos that you want to post on YouTube. Of course, we are also happy to make changes to your YouTube channel to make sure that more people of your target audience can find you.
Consult with our Youtube SEO specialists

The YouTube SEO specialists from Brize are happy to use their knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience of video SEO to improve your ranking on YouTube. Always effective and measurable, so you can become the foremost supplier of your target audience, whilst also being able to make the right decisions to remain so.

Are you curious about how we can give your reach on YouTube a boost? Then tell us where you stand now and what goals you want to achieve. We are happy to become a trusted partner and help you achieve them.

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