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Are you interested in organizing a hackathon and curious about the possibilities? Or wondering what to consider when organizing a hackathon? Contact us for more information.

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Choose the most experienced marketing agency in the Netherlands to organize your hackathon. As an online agency, we are the leading experts in hackathons, with a proven track record of working with large brands and numerous other organizations. Whether you want to brainstorm and innovate with developers, programmers, designers, residents, or students, that’s where our expertise lies. During a hackathon, the participants will collaborate to generate fresh insights and innovative solutions to tackle the challenges you’re facing.

What is a hackathon?

The hackathon is traditionally an event for programmers and developers to work intensively together on complex challenges. Today, it has evolved into an event for all kind of people where participants come together to develop new insights and innovations.

During the first World Hackathon Day in the Netherlands, 500 of the most talented young people from six countries came together to work on mobile apps, social campaigns, and web applications for 24 hours. The event was covered by more than 150 media outlets.

As an online agency and marketing company, we organize hackathons in various forms:

• Sprint hackathon
Create momentum for maximum innovation over two half-day sessions.
• Classic hackathon
The traditional format in which participants work for 24 hours on a concrete solution to a complex problem. This format brings together all the creative brainpower and provides enough time for team-building and working on the solution.
• Festival hackathon
Extreme creativity during two days in the form of a festival. Participants work on a specific challenge during the hackathon, which they then translate into concrete solutions. During the hackathon we can host all kind of workshops.
• In-house hackathon
Flexible and specifically designed for (large) organizations, to move all the creative and inspiring talent in the same direction in just one day or half a day. Ideal for tackling important challenges.

What Brize can do for you

Brize’s business consultants are deployed to organize, guide, and support hackathons as part of our online agency services. We develop challenging problem statements, collaborate with you on the event setup, and handle the preparation, promotion, and execution of the event. We offer support in all areas and aim to attract as many enthusiastic participants as possible, all eager to take on the challenge.

During the event, we provide organization, guidance, and support where necessary. We possess expertise in all aspects of hackathon organization, from preparation to evaluation. We pay attention to marketing, participant recruitment and selection, program design, closing activities, and fun energizers throughout the day. We can even assist you in finding a suitable location.

Success with hackathons

Hackathons are becoming increasingly popular among organizations, and we can’t wait to host a hackathon for your organization as well. Adopt this innovative approach to collaboration and harness the power of a talent-packed pressure cooker to generate groundbreaking insights and ideas. With our help, your hackathon will be a guaranteed success:
• We organized the first hackathon in the Netherlands.
• We are the market leader for hackathons in the Netherlands and Belgium.
• We organize hackathons for every type of organization and audience.

Want to organize a hackathon with your organization?

Reach out to us. We create customized hackathons tailored to your needs.

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