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Choose a logo design and marketing agency for your corporate identity that understands how it works. How to stand out with design, and how to exude confidence with recognition. After all, those are the two main forms of added value when you choose a corporate identity and logo design. So would you like to have a logo designed by a design agency that knows how you will score with it? We are happy to get to work for you.

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What is corporate identity and logo design?

Your company’s corporate identity is defined by the Groot Woordenboek der Nederlandse Taal as, “The nature and totality of a company’s visual presentation, such as name code, company symbol, layout, typeface and possibly color of distributed printed matter and of inscriptions.”

You may know corporate identity better as a “corporate identity,” as it is commonly used internationally. We design your corporate design, even for SMEs and smaller organizations. It involves the website, your brand in the broadest sense and very specific elements such as the logo.

So do you want a corporate identity design or logo design and are looking for an experienced marketing agency to do that? We are your marketing agency with graphic specialists for a logo, the complete corporate identity and everything in between. We can design the company logo and corporate identity that will make you successful (online).

What Brize can do for you

You can have your complete corporate identity designed. Or you can choose the specific graphic elements you need, such as the logo. So are you looking for a marketing agency that can do it all? With graphic experts and specialists who understand how important a corporate identity and logo are? We design all the graphic elements you need. For that, we are your experienced agency and know the best practices of other (big) clients we work for.

At Brize, we design your:

– Logo
– Font and typography
– Colors
– Shapes
– Visuals
– Brand voice
– Design system

And do you want the graphic designs translated into storytelling or a tone of voice (TOV)? That’s what we’re strong at as a design agency for SMEs and other businesses. We are your graphic design agency, with graphic designers who know what it takes to stand out.

Success with your corporate identity and logo design

Get a corporate identity design and choose professional logo design by experienced specialists. As a graphic design agency, we ensure that you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Strong image with your company
    Have a logo design and corporate identity created that strongly convey what you stand for as a company. As a design agency and online marketing agency, we ensure that you get the message across that you consider important.
  • Stand out and attract
    Stand out with an eye-catching corporate identity and attract new customers with a professional logo. It is the first step in building trust, where you want to prevent new leads from dropping out immediately.
  • Trust from consistency
    Communicate consistently, showing the same visual style throughout. This creates trust, giving you the opportunity to tell new clients all that you can offer them.
  • Stand out from the competition
    Stand out from the competition, both with the logo and corporate identity and other graphics in the same visual style. We design infographics, banners and, for example, (online) advertisements.
  • Hold on to something for all employees and freelancers
    Use a visual style or a graphic handbook that both employees and freelancers can work with. That gives them the handhold that is important to them.


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Thank you for your interest in working with Brize

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