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Are you looking for an agency who could help you with data-driven optimization? We've years of experience with optimizing websites and apps based on data.

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What is data-driven optimization?

Data-driven optimization is suitable for organizations that prefer to work in a data-driven manner. Our team of data specialists knows the best practices and has specific experience in B2B, B2C, and e-commerce. We understand what is important and what is happening in different industries.

So, are you looking for concrete improvement actions? Are you curious about what the collected data actually tells you? Or are you looking for guidance on collecting data, analyzing it, and deriving insights from it? It’s all data-driven optimization. As long as data is at the core of optimization, you’re on the right track.

In all cases, three principles are important:

• Clear focus
Consider the goal you have in mind as a starting point for collecting, analyzing, and processing data. Only with sufficient focus can you extract valuable insights from the data.
• Based on facts
Base decisions on specific data rather than experience or gut feeling. Determine how specific data informs the situation you want to analyze and what outcomes indicate an improvement.
• Clear priorities
Many organizations possess a (potential) wealth of information from data. Set priorities to determine which data is relevant to optimize based on the previously chosen focus.

What Brize can do for you

At Brize, we strive to work as data-driven as possible. We make claims based on arguments that we support with facts and insights derived from the data we collect and analyze. The insights we share are always based on statistics, with the data providing the essential underpinnings. This is the only way to make factually sound decisions that optimize processes and, ultimately, increase revenue.

Brize is the online marketing agency that helps you to work more data-driven. Whether you’re looking for ways to collect more data, integrate it into your (research) processes, or turn your analyses into valuable insights, we can help you with the entire process or guide you through the areas where data-driven optimization remains challenging.

If you’re looking for a data-driven agency or organization, we can help. Our specialists know exactly what’s needed to analyze data and gather insights that will propel your business or organization forward.

Success with data-driven optimization

Thanks to data-driven optimizations, the organizations we work for are growing. We help them increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and identify areas where unnecessary costs are being incurred. Data doesn’t lie, so it provides the best support for everything we argue.

• Data-driven approach
At Brize, we are known for our data-driven approach. We only stand behind claims that the data can support.
• More revenue and other optimizations
Through data-driven optimization, we increase revenue for clients, improve customer satisfaction, or make it easier for employees to run processes.
• Fact-based support with data
Thanks to fact-based support with data, it is always clear which analyses underlie the insights we share.
• New mindset for employees
Our approach inspires employees and other stakeholders to look at processes with a different mindset. This is how we introduce data-driven work to our clients.
• Improvements compared to a baseline measurement
After a baseline measurement, our agency’s data-driven approach makes it clear what value we add compared to how things used to be.



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As a data-driven marketing agency, we have years of experience in optimizing websites and apps.

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