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Stay ahead of the competition with innovative ideas. Let us help you ignite that spark of creativity.

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We believe that the combination of innovation and strategy is the key element for a successful business.

The ideation phase

Incremental innovation is often difficult to implement within a business. We can support you with the creation of new innovative ideas to help you stay ahead of the competition and make your organisation future-proof.

What is the ideation phase?

The ideation phase is the creative process in which new ideas are generated. By engaging with clients, conducting surveys, scheduling brainstorming sessions, and having conversations with managers, employees or customers, we can come up with a new strategy and ideas for your organization.

We think about
  • Business issues
  • Customer needs
  • Market trends
  • Competitor activities

How can we help you?

We organise (in-house) events, brainstorm sessions and co-creation sessions together with you. We try to generate out of the box ideas, together with you, and give your company a fresh new boost of energy.

How can we assist you with a good strategy?

Let us help you test and validate your ideas in the market.

Our strategic approach

We have years of experience in guiding organizations in the field of innovation. Together, we identify the key challenges and opportunities and generate new innovative ideas that we validate in the market. This approach helps us develop a solid foundation for a successful new strategy.

Strategic Ideation Process
Needs of target audience
Online strategy
What your organisation wants

Brize established the first hackathon in the Netherlands.

We called it world hackathon day

After gaining popularity in other countries, Brize brought the disruptive power of hackathons to the Netherlands. These events offer a unique opportunity for team members to think about company growth in ways that they may not have the chance to during their daily activities.

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What can we do for your organization?

What we offer:
  1. Design thinking sessions
  2. Strategy sessions
  3. Hackathons
  4. General online marketing workshop
  5. SEO workshop
  6. Big data workshop
  7. Security workshop
  8. ChatGPT workshop
  9. IoT workshop

Workshops are a great way to encourage team members to think about the growth of your company in a different way.

In addition to facilitation, we can also take care of other aspects to make things easier for you. This includes arranging catering and booking a suitable venue.

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Larger events
  1. In-house innovation sprint
  2. Internal hackathon
  3. Innovation festival
  4. Collaborative learning experiences with other organizations
  5. Developing an internal academy

We also guide organizations through long-term innovation projects, from quarterly sprints to setting up an internal academy.

For example, we assisted KPMG in creating the outline for their internal academy focused on ‘Digital Transformation’.

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What can we do for your organization?

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