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Our Facebook advertising agency can help you optimize your ads and find the right audience. Once you've made the choice to outsource your social media marketing, our Facebook advertising agency can help you attract direct traffic to your website or application.

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Whether your company is active in e-commerce, B2B, or B2C services, the Facebook experts at Brize will ensure you drive the right traffic and see tangible improvements to the growth of your organisation. We can not only implement the Facebook campaigns by our own, but also guide you in the process of optimizing Facebook ads for conversions to improve lead quality and sales.


Facebook targeting

Facebook advertisements can be designed with a focus on your target audience, using data-driven tools and accompanied by easy-to-understand performance reports. With over two billion monthly users, Facebook provides an ideal online environment to boost your customer acquisition efforts with the help of Brize! Facebook ads are highly cost-effective, ranging from five to ten euros per thousand impressions, meaning you can reach over 1,000 Facebook users for less than ten euros. To create a successful digital marketing strategy, we need to make clear choices together. It should be evident what your goals are on social media, who your target audience is, and what desired results you want for your organization. Your time and money are too valuable to leave it to chance. Brize can assist you in crafting the right strategy for Facebook ads.


Working with our dedicated Facebook Advertising experts give your online business:

  • Immediate results regarding traffic and measurable conversion.
  • A personal, confidential and data-driven approach to your niche and market.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of Facebook’s on-going innovations and better support through our growth and ideation-driven methods.
  • A strategy that focuses on your company’s target audience on Facebook.
  • Insightful data and reports that enable you to make informed decisions.
  • Increased brand awareness and engagement by reaching interested users.
  • More video views, post shares, post comments, and event responses.

Options for Facebook ad placement

Our Facebook experts will help you decide which Facebook advertisement placements are right for you, based on the objective that you have.

There are different options:
1) You can place ads in the Facebook feed.
2) You can place ads on the Facebook Marketplace, a sales feature that allows users to browse, sell, and buy products or services.
3) You can place ads in the Facebook Suggested Video/Facebook Watch Feeds.
4) The Facebook right column is another option for ad placement, where your ad appears on the right side of the screen for all Facebook users browsing on their computers.
5) You can place ads in the Audience Network, which includes various other websites that are not owned by Facebook.
6) The last option is to display your Facebook ad in the Messenger Inbox, so your ad appears on the Home tab of Facebook Messenger.



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