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A/B testing

Measure = know: so why guess when you can test what works better? We are your full-service marketing agency for A/B testing. That means we can show from the smallest details how they affect the conversion and therefore the revenue you make online. On any page where you want to prompt visitors to take action, split testing helps show what works best.

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More conversion and more sales

In its simplest form, A/B testing involves comparing two variants of a page. Our specialists are happy to advise you on best practices, experiences with other clients and the more complex variants of testing. So are you in doubt about the commercially strongest design or do you have ideas that might increase conversion and sales? Avoid guessing what works by simply measuring what it produces.

What is A/B testing?

An A/B test is very simple. The test consists of a few elements:

  • The hypothesis
    You can only test what works better if you are in doubt between at least two variants. A null hypothesis (the current page works best) and an alternative together form the hypothesis for what might work better.
  • Variant A
    Variant A can be the current setup, if you want to know if it can be better than what you currently use.
  • Variant B
    Variant B is the alternative. For example, you change the colour of a button, the position of an image on the page or the amount of information you display above the fold. Note: only vary one attribute per test. Otherwise, interaction effects may occur and you won’t know where any difference in conversion comes from.
  • The conversion page
    To measure conversion, there must be a goal, i.e. what you want the visitor to do. This often involves a conversion page that the visitor needs to reach. This could be, for example, a contact page or a thank-you page.
  • The result
    The A/B test shows which of the two variants works best. With enough visitors, a reliable and valid result emerges. Based on this, you adjust the page if necessary, provided the new variant works better than what you had.

What Brize can do for you

Brize is your full-service marketing agency for A/B testing. Our specialists and experts design tests, implement them and analyse the results. Moreover, we keep an eye on whether sufficient statistics are collected to make a reliable and valid statement. Of course, we have the software for testing. We can implement it on any website and in any app, so you don’t have to worry about it.

At Brize, we help you during the different phases of A/B testing:

  • Setting up a hypothesis
    Want to increase conversion online or in the app, but not sure which A/B tests to set up to do so? Our specialists will help you set up the hypotheses. We know the best practices and know from experience what could potentially work.
  • Experiment design
    We design the experiment for the A/B tests you want to run. That means we come up with two variants that are different from each other. By keeping the rest of the pages or setup the same, we isolate the difference and reveal what drives the extra conversion.
  • Implementing an A/B test
    Our experts implement the A/B test. We do this on the website or in the app, using the software and tools we use for this purpose. We then start the test, estimating in advance how long it should run to collect sufficient data.
  • Analysing the results
    As soon as the results are available, we start working on them for you. We analyse which of the variants works better and to what extent we can make a reliable and valid statement about it.
  • Optimising the website
    We report the results and explain to you in clear language whether there is a significant difference between the two variants. Is that the case? Then we implement the change, to increase online conversion and thus turnover for you.

Success with A/B testing

Webshops have an average conversion rate of 3%, while shops score around 30%. On websites, conversion rates vary, but many pages offer all kinds of opportunities for optimisation. With A/B testing, you increase conversion and thus online sales. In practice, this means that as a full-service marketing agency, we actually always recoup the investment in A/B testing for you.

  • More conversion from existing visitors and customers
  • Insight into the performance of pages in the web shop or on the website
  • Step-by-step optimisation based on data
  • Personal approach by experienced specialists
  • Full service marketing agency: no worries



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