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TikTok Advertisements

TikTok has 5.5 million active users in the Netherlands and is the fastest growing social medium. The channel brings together the biggest influencers and offers all kinds of opportunities for successful advertising. The level of creativity is nowhere higher, and therein lies the key to success with TikTok Ads. We are your TikTok marketing agency that knows from experience and best practices what works. And that has the expertise to develop creative campaigns, set them up for you and, based on the results, actively adjust them for greater returns.

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What is TikTok advertising?

On TikTok, videos with dances and catchy soundtracks go viral. The advertising platform offers numerous opportunities to blow with that wind. Or to create your own creative breeze to promote your brand, service or product. Engagement among users is much higher than on Facebook and Instagram because users feel part of creative campaigns they view on mobile.

The average buying journey on TikTok takes only 3 minutes. Nowhere else do awareness, consideration and decision follow each other faster. TikTok Ads last about 20 to 30 seconds, and make it immediately clear what you are all about and what you have to offer your customers. The result speaks for itself, thanks to ads that are remembered 23% better than television ads. Moreover, 45% of users rate the Ads as creative, so they are much more open to what you have to say than on other platforms.

TikTok offers multiple advertising options:

  • In-Feed Video
    The For You Page is the most common place for ads. They are very similar to organic TikToks, except we add a click-through button to your website, app or online channel.
  • Tile Experiences.
    These In-Feed Videos allow you to highlight specific products. They appear at the bottom of the video, which we link to your online store for you.
  • Brand Takeover
    Attract attention with a GIF that lasts 3 to 5 seconds. Users cannot skip the ad. You do an exclusive takeover for 24 hours, so you have no competition during that period.
  • TopView
    On a similar note, you use a TopView, which users see when they open the app. You have more space than in a Brand Take-over because you create videos like an In-Feed Video.

What Brize can do for you

At Brize, we work with you to determine the objective of a campaign. We create TikTok Ads for our clients for such things as more:

  • (Online) reach
  • Video views
  • Website visitors
  • App installations
  • Leads
  • Interaction
  • Conversion

Our creative specialists develop the campaign, implement it and make adjustments as needed. We use the TikTok pixel, provide an Events API link and are versed in Mobile Measurement Partners to track how many app installations we generate for you.

That means we guide you through every step of TikTok advertising. We are your social media marketing agency guiding you through campaign creation, goal setting and targeting. So you know who you want to reach and what goals you have in mind, but are looking for help with execution? We set up, plan the ads and optimize based on the results.

Success with TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads have an engagement rate averaging 29%. Moreover, the CTR, CPM and CPV for our clients is often much better than on other social media platforms. For example, a while back we had to recruit 10,000 visitors to go to a trade show and only paid €2 per 1,000 impressions. The cost per conversion was also very low. The channel is growing fast, but still offers a lot of room for new advertisers. We are the ad agency for TikTok that helps you both pick the low-hanging fruit and build a biggest campaign.

We create spontaneous content that creatively matches what users create on the platform itself. You reach your target audience, while we continuously analyze the data to further optimize the campaign. The result is more visibility, more interaction and a better brand experience, exactly with the target group you have in mind.

Find out how Brize can help your team advertise on TikTok.

We create a TikTok campaign specifically tailored to what your business needs.

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