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Microsoft Advertising

Bing is Microsoft's search engine, with great opportunities for effective ads. Microsoft Advertising includes more than that, thanks to opportunities in the Bing, Yahoo! AND AOL network. We are your Microsoft Advertising agency that knows all the possibilities and helps you advertise effectively. We create search and display ads for Bing, MSN,, Windows and, for example, Xbox. So are you looking for an all-round and full-service marketing agency that helps you become successful online? That's exactly what we do for clients with our data- and results-oriented approach.

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What is Microsoft Advertising?

We use Microsoft Advertising to create more reach locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Bing has a market share of 9% in the Netherlands and even 30% in the United States. In addition, advertising in Microsoft’s search engine is cheaper than with Google Ads. Additionally, Yahoo!, the AOL network, and other channels offer more opportunities to reach your target audience.

A personal and data-driven approach offers opportunities for immediate results with measurable traffic and conversion. So are you looking for a marketing agency for e-commerce, B2B or B2C that knows what is possible and will work it out for you? Microsoft Advertising offers the possibilities, because your target group is active there.

Advertise in Microsoft Bing, use ads for Yahoo! and the AOL network and take advantage of customers using Xbox, Windows, and MSN. Reach the audience you envision with the help of our marketing specialists who know best practices about what works within the Microsoft advertising network.

What Brize can do for you

Our advertising consultants for the Microsoft network advise, implement and optimize where possible. We create the creative campaign, set it up for you and analyze the data we generate. In this way, our personal and data-driven approach guarantees the best results.

We are only satisfied when we exceed the expectations of our customers. So have you previously worked with a marketing agency or an agency strong in advertising within the Microsoft network? We aim for growth and have a creative and inquisitive mindset. Only when we have a good understanding of your product, service or brand do we start working on it for a strong campaign.

Succes with Yahoo and Microsoft Bing ads

Our specialists in Microsoft Advertising for Bing, Yahoo! and AOL take into account search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA). We combine the different disciplines for a broad campaign that reaches the target group you have in mind.

We provide insight into data and report the progress we make for you. That helps you to make the right decisions, while we focus on the specific campaigns. Together we achieve the success you are looking for, through channels that are increasingly used by both private and business users.



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