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Apple Search Ads are Apple Store ads used to find new app users. As many as 70% of Apple Store visitors search the app for their next download. 65% of downloads occur after a search, and with an average of more than 50% conversion from App Store search results, you'll quickly recoup your investment.

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We are your marketing agency for Apple Store ads. We know the best practices, know from experience what works and have the expertise to be of service to you. So are you looking for a specialist for Apple Search Ads? We bring your app to the attention and increase the number of new downloads.

What are Apple Store Ads?

The ads in the Apple Store are visible in the search results. Users who search the App Store on their iPhone, iPad, iMac or MacBook will see the Ads. This way you bring your new app to the attention or increase the number of users if the rack is organic.
The Apple Store Ads combine text with graphics to grab attention and promote your app. We are your full service marketing agency that designs the ads, implements them and analyzes the results. We’re the Apple Store Search experts you’re looking for. Thanks to our good knowledge, experience for large and small brands and creative specialists, we succeed in meeting your expectations. And what’s more, we manage to exceed those expectations with almost all of our customers.

What Brize can do for you

At Brize we take you to the top of search. This applies to Apple App Store ads, as well as Ads in the Google Play Store, in Google search results and for other platforms. We know what works and how to attract attention. So are you looking for experts, consultants or specialists for search ads in, for example, the Apple App Store? That is exactly what we are strong in.
Talk to us about the app you want to promote and the concrete goals you have. Or let us advise you, because we know what is feasible. We design the creative Ads, implement them in the Apple App Store and then analyze the results. Based on this, we optimize the data-driven campaign. The result is an optimal advertising strategy for Apple Search Ads, fully focused on increasing the number of downloads of your app.

Succes with Apple Store ads

Looking for success with Apple Store ads? We increase the number of downloads of your app by bringing it to the attention of the specific target group. This can be done very efficiently, thanks to smart targeting and sophisticated segmentation.

In this way you benefit from a number of great advantages:

• Advertise to users searching for an app like yours
• 70% of users are looking for an app: so see your ad
• 65% of searches lead to a download from the App Store
• The average conversion rate of Apple Search Ads is a whopping 50%!



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