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Front end development

We look through the eyes of designers, optimize based on the best data and use scientific insights that score online. We are the online marketing agency for strong front-end development. That means we design websites that stand out, surprise and excite. Indulge your users with a fresh design that generates extra revenue at the bottom line for e-commerce, B2B and B2C.

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What is front-end development?

Front-end development stands for everything you see online. That’s why, as an online marketing agency, we look through the eyes of designers. We design based on the latest trends, provide fresh design and take into account what best practices work online. We design the homepage and individual pages, as well as specific elements to make it easy for your users to find what they’re looking for. Front-end development is the user layer your visitors see, the moment they visit you online. We design the pages, choose the colors and take into account, for example, your corporate identity or provided design. To do this, we look through the eyes of designers, optimize based on what works, and surprise and excite where possible with, for example, beautiful animations that flow into each other.

What Brize can do for you

Our graphic designers make up the online marketing agency you’re looking for for front-end development. We look through the eyes of designers for a fresh design that captures users’ imagination. Meanwhile, we make sure the code is as clean as possible, ensuring that this design loads as fast as possible and delivers the best online user experience. For many of our (government) clients, we also build websites according to the latest WCAG guidelines, so that people with disabilities can also visit the website properly.

We know the challenges and know what works and what doesn’t work. So are you looking for specialists in KISS (keep it short and simple) and DRY (don’t repeat yourself)? That’s exactly what we’re strong at. The result is effective front-end development that fits exactly what your visitors are looking for.

Engage us for complete front-end development, ask us for optimizations or have us design a custom solution. We know what works online. Based on that knowledge, we develop the website and design that will help you increase your online revenue. We have extensive experience with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery and JS frameworks such as AngularJS/React. Besides websites, we can also develop HTML5 banners.

Success with front-end development

Front-end development by our online marketing agency delivers a fresh, surprising and effective website design. We know what works and how you can increase your online sales.

Choose our front-end developers and you’ll enjoy a number of great benefits:

  • Data-driven design that works
    Thanks to the abundance of data from various designs, both in-house and for our clients, we’ve gained insight into what works. As a result, we are able to create front-end designs that contribute to increased online sales.
  • With the view of experienced designers
    Our experienced graphic designers know which designs capture the imagination. Let us surprise you or tell us exactly what you like. Then we will work with that.
  • Code optimization for short loading time
    We optimize code for short load time and the best online user experience. The result is front-end development that is right down to the last detail.
  • Development according to KISS and DRY
    Keep it short and simple and don’t repeat yourself. These are two important principles for front-end development that lead to the best results.
  • More online turnover
    We generate additional online revenue with front-end development of the highest quality. This makes it easy to earn back your investment. We also take SEO standards into account.


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