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Wonen in Rotterdam

What we've done for Wonen in Rotterdam Scroll

The municipality of Rotterdam and several partners joined forces with the vision of building an up-to-date housing platform that inspires and informs users about the neighbourhood developments of Rotterdam, what it's like to live there, as well as the housing opportunities available.

What we did

  • Logo
  • Concept design
  • Visual style
  • Typography choices
  • Development
  • Newsletters
  • Team trainings
  • Growth plan for 12 months


Increased traffic and longer average time on site.

Rotterdam is in a positive flow. The city is bustling, feels good and is developing at a rapid pace.


The buildings that rise in Rotterdam are a magnet for attracting visitors. Shops, cafes and eateries are opening their doors at high speed. Companies that didn’t want to settle a few years ago in Rotterdam are now coming on a massive scale.

Unfortunately, this is a one-sided picture. Rotterdam finds it hard to position itself as a versatile residential town that is attractive for students, starters and families to live in. There is a discrepancy between the identity and the living image of the city.

Our tasks


The municipality of Rotterdam and several partners asked us to develop an online platform that delivers enough knowledge, images and experiences of living in the city to attract middle and upper class people to Rotterdam. The idea of building an online platform came from observing the difficulty of finding all relevant information about living in Rotterdam in one single online space. At the moment, the website no longer focuses on one specific target group, but is an information source for everyone who wants to live in Rotterdam.

There were a lot of websites informing visitors about different aspects of Rotterdam, but none conveyed the city in such a way that it prompted middle to high class individuals/families to research more about what is going on in the city, and more importantly, the possibility of moving and living in Rotterdam.

The catch?

The brainstorming, wireframe prototypes, site structure, visual designs, development, pre-launch testing, testing, and launch of the first Minimum Viable Product had to be done within a month due to internal budget agreements.

We created a platform to attract and retain the middle and higher class residents, focusing on students, families and working professionals.


Higher educated people are important as Rotterdam is becoming economically stronger.


The platform should provide detailed market insights about what is happening in Rotterdam to local partner organizations.


Develop a platform that presents the diverse range of housing opportunities in Rotterdam in a straightforward and accessible manner to attract middle to high-income residents.

The identity

We designed an easily recognizable logo that features two intertwining icons to convey the purpose of the website. The color scheme we chose is green, white, and grey, which creates a clean and professional look for our visitors.

The logo represents the platform’s fresh start and is visually appealing and memorable.

Wonen in Rotterdam logo design

The website

We have created an innovative website design that has never been seen before in the Dutch housing market, accompanied by a mobile version. Over the years, we have also developed a map that clearly shows the location of the different neighborhoods and provides an overview of all upcoming new construction projects.

The Project’s result

Our contribution to the municipality’s website went beyond designing the logo and visual style and selecting fonts; we also acted as a strategic partner, helping to shape the platform’s marketing and continued evolution. Our collaborative efforts have yielded impressive results, including a 2x increase in website visitors and a significant increase in visitor duration.


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