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UvA Academy

What we've done for UvA Academy Scroll

The University of Amsterdam (UvA Academy) approached us to help them recruit more people for their masterclasses. We assisted them with marketing campaigns and created high-converting landing pages.

What we did:

·      Research

·      Marketing

·      Design


The challenge

UvA Academy struggled to define their target audience, making it difficult to focus and implement effective marketing strategies.


What we did for UvA Academy:

To define UvA Academy’s target audience, we used questionnaires, interviews, and conducted multiple research studies using Analytics, Hotjar, and keywords. With this insight, we were able to define the target audience and create multiple personas per masterclass. These personas served as the basis for all campaigns that we are running for UvA Academy.

After creating the personas, we had a clear understanding of the professionals we needed to reach. We determined that the best way to reach them was through paid acquisition channels on LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Twitter, and Facebook. We helped UvA Academy by creating specific marketing campaigns for each masterclass.



Facebook UVA



Social Media


LinkedIn advertising
We have been running multiple campaigns via LinkedIn, including timeline advertisements and Inmail campaigns. By constantly measuring performance, we have been able to optimize the ads and determine which combination of images and text generates the largest amount of leads.

Facebook advertising
We have been running multiple campaigns for UvA on Facebook as well. By measuring the advertisements several times per week, we have been able to determine which ads are performing better than others. These ads are constantly being adjusted to generate more leads.

Google Adwords

After carefully conducting research, we identified the web-surfing behavior of UvA’s target group. We know which websites potential leads are visiting and what kind of keywords they use. As a result, we have been showing ads on the websites that the target group visits via Google Ads.

Strategy and measurement systems

Besides creating and optimizing the online campaigns for UvA Academy, a new online strategy was created as well. An heuristic analysis was done to determine improvements for the website. A plan for search engine optimisation (SEO) was created, so the website ranked higher in Google. Finally marketing automation was implemented in order to automate the follow-up for people who requested more information about the masterclasses.



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