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Travis the Translator

What we did for Travis the Translator Scroll

Travis the Translator is a handy AI device that bridges language barriers simply by using your voice. Whether you're traveling or attending business meetings, Travis translates directly into the desired language. With the help of the world's 15 best translation tools, Travis can translate 80 languages.

Wat we did:

  • Developed back-end system
  • Marketing advice
  • Paid acquisition campaigns
  • Email marketing

Funding through Indiegogo

To build the Travis brand, the company needed funding and therefore used the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Because they needed help attracting enough investors, they contacted us for assistance.


Travis Indiegogo


What we did for Travis:

We provided assistance with the setup of their Indiegogo campaign, as well as designing and implementing their social media advertisements, and creating a complex back-end system for their business.

Social media campaigns

Travis sought our help in reaching their target audience and directing them to their funding page. With our expertise in Social Media, we advised and assisted them in setting up successful campaigns. This resulted in raising 1.7 million euros with their first campaign and 0.7 million euros with their second.


Back-end system for orders

To ensure smooth ordering and shipping of Travis devices, we developed a back-end system. This system provides a clear overview of all orders, from the ordering process to customer checkout, and from manufacturing to delivery to the customer. This way, Travis can easily track the status of each order, and the customer can receive updates on the progress of their order.

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