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New website & marketing

In the world of online ticket sales, it is essential to have an attractive website. We worked on a redesign of the Tennis Ticket Service website and also provided input on how to improve their marketing.

What we did:

  • Marketing
  • Designing a scalable website for 80+ countries, easily scalable to other sports.

The Assignment

Tennis Ticket Service focuses on offering tennis tickets and hospitality packages for major tournaments such as Wimbledon and Roland Garros. The company behind Tennis Ticket Service aims to be a leading player in the travel and events industry. They believe that everything is for sale at the right price, even events that are already sold out. They were looking for a new website for Tennis Ticket Service that would not only have better conversion rates but also visually display the seating categories in a stadium for ticket purchases.


Analysis of the old website

Before beginning the redesign, we analyzed the old website. We looked at the usability, searchability, and appearance of the website. This analysis revealed a number of issues, such as an unclear structure and a lack of focus on the main products.

To improve the searchability of the website, we conducted a comprehensive keyword analysis. Based on this analysis, we optimized the website for search engines. We also conducted a baseline measurement to measure the results of our efforts after the website was launched.


In addition to redesigning the website, we also assisted the company with their marketing efforts. We used Facebook and Bing advertising to attract more visitors to the website, and we advertised on Google AdWords in over 80 countries. We also implemented an email marketing system and a smart chatbot on the site to assist customers with their bookings.


Thanks to the redesign of the website and the implemented marketing actions, Tennis Ticket Service has achieved its goals. The number of visitors to the website has significantly increased, the conversion rate has gone up, and more tickets have been sold than before. The collaboration between Tennis Ticket Service and Brize has led to a successful project and a satisfied customer.

Scalable to other sports

Having a well-functioning and attractive website was essential for the success of the company, not only for tennis but also for other sports such as Formula 1 and basketball. With our redesign of the Tennis Ticket Service website, we helped the company achieve its goals. We set it up in a way that the same template could easily be translated to other sports. This was sometimes challenging because the layout of Formula 1 venues differs greatly from that of tennis venues, for example. Ultimately, we succeeded in designing a scalable website that was easy to duplicate for the organization.



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