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Rijkswaterstaat Blockchain App

Rijkswaterstaat wanted to explore whether blockchain could be of added value to the organization. We developed an app for the automatic payout of travel expenses to job applicants through the use of smart contracts.

What we did:

  • Research
  • App design
  • Implementation advice

How it all started:

The innovation department at Rijkswaterstaat was told from higher-ups that blockchain was not relevant and the organization didn’t need to pursue it. The innovation department at Rijkswaterstaat disagreed with the decision that blockchain was not relevant for the organization and asked us to come up with innovative ideas on how blockchain could be relevant for the organization.

One of the examples we focused on was the job application process. Approving travel expense reimbursements was often a cumbersome process that involved multiple departments, causing many job applicants to eventually waive their right to a reimbursement. By using blockchain, these job applicants could receive travel expense reimbursements directly without the involvement of multiple departments. This would make the process more efficient and improve the candidate experience.

Big Data

What we did for Rijkswaterstaat:

Rijkswaterstaat invites thousands of people annually to their office and pays for their travel expenses. Brize saw an opportunity to implement blockchain technology in their invitation and payment system.

The new system works as follows: a Rijkswaterstaat employee enters the visitor’s data into the system. The computer then verifies the data and gives approval to the employee. The visitor receives a confirmation email and the Rijkswaterstaat employee receives a notification. Finally, the visitor automatically receives their travel expense reimbursement.

Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, the entire process has become simpler, safer, and more efficient for both the visitor and Rijkswaterstaat. The visitor no longer has to go through multiple departments for reimbursement and Rijkswaterstaat has more insight into the process. Additionally, the system is safer thanks to the blockchain technology because data cannot be changed without permission from all parties involved. This results in a better and more transparent experience for all parties involved. We also ask in advance whether someone will arrive by car or public transportation.


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