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What we did for PowNed Scroll

PowNed is a Dutch broadcaster with an online audience of more than one million followers. To remain in the Dutch public broadcasting system, it was required by the Dutch government to have at least 50.000 paid members at the end of 2020. Powned reached out to us to help them accomplish this goal.

What we did:

• Marketing
• Design
• Front-end development
• Back-end development

The Catch

Gaining over 50.000 members was crucial for the existence of Powned. Next to that, this had to be done before the end of the year. A challenging mission.


What did we do for PowNed?

We started off with a brainstorm session together with Powned. We came up with a concept which aimed to increase the number of members drastically to 50.000+ by the end of 2020




We created several new flows for desktop and mobile, which were visually appealing and made it easy for viewers to subscribe. The flows we created:


• Sign-up as a member
• Become an ambassador


We developed a flow for PowNed, in which people could share a link with others to earn money via their personal link for every newly registered member. In addition, it was possible to donate money to charity.

Sign-up as a member


For the first flow, ‘sign-up as a member’, we have done extensive research to determine which data was necessary to collect. The media commissioner’s office had a lot of requirements: Members need to be a Dutch resident, at least 16 years old and had to pay €5,72 themselves.

At the end of the year the media commissioner’s office took random samples to verify the identity of the new members. We designed a completely new system, which verified the identity of the new members and checked if they met all the conditions of the media commissioner’s office.

The presenters of Powned, the “famous faces”, invited the target audience personally to sign-up as a member. Several funny GIF’s and short videos were recorded.

Become an ambassador

In addition to registering as a member, we also created an opportunity for people to help PowNed gain more members. We did this by allowing members to share a personal referral link with friends. For every new member they referred, the existing member received €10 deposited into their bank account. This referral program had the dual objective of both increasing PowNed’s membership numbers and creating brand ambassadors who could help the organization achieve its goals.

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