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ALDA Events

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ALDA Events

ALDA produces large-scale indoor and outdoor events, including festivals and concerts, for over 100,000 fans worldwide annually. They asked us to help sell tickets for their event at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), a yearly gathering in Amsterdam that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the globe.


What we did:

• Research
• Concepting
• Interaction Design

The catch

There was a big catch. In three of the events, there was no lineup yet, but ALDA needed to have an indication of the amount of tickets that were going to be sold. A problem which we solved.


What did we do for ALDA Events?

At the beginning of the project, we scheduled a creative session to brainstorm possible solutions to start ticket sales without a confirmed lineup. The entire campaign had to be planned and executed within a week. During the session, we came up with the idea of allowing visitors to create their own lineups. To generate more interest in the campaign, we added several prize promotions.



Participants had the chance to win a meet & greet and free tickets for themselves and three friends by creating their own lineup through the campaign. We also sent out invitations via email to people who had attended an ADE festival in previous years, in order to encourage their participation.


Selecting Artists

Participants could create an account using their email or log in with Facebook, which allowed us to automatically receive all the necessary information through the Facebook API. After completing the registration, participants were asked to select three artists they wanted to see in the lineup based on photos of various artists that we were already in contact with for the festivals. They also had the option to create a friend pool of people they wanted to attend the festival with.



It was important for this campaign to collect as many email addresses as possible so that we could keep people informed as the lineup became more and more known.


Adding friends

With this campaign, we aimed to encourage people to inform their friends in advance about the upcoming ADE festival, hoping to persuade friend groups to pre-order tickets in large numbers.


Your own pool

Each group of friends had their own pool. By getting as many votes as possible on your own lineup, you had a chance to win amazing prizes (a meet & greet with the artist and free tickets for the three festivals). Even the people who voted on a pool had a chance to win great prizes like a free GoPro. If you wanted to vote on a pool, you also had to leave your email address.




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